Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The Wrath of the Angered Soulie

The Twisted Wheel was again hopping last night with it's usual crew and a few more newcomers who we gladly welcomed. Greeting new avatars is proving to be a problem though as there is an angered Soulie out there determined to disrupt everybody's fun. This person can appear out the blue in either male or female form and although can remain undetected for a short space of time, soon explodes into an apoplectic rant venting his paranoid delusions to all around him. The language can get rather intense and although we keep banning him he still comes back. It's his mission it would seem to do his best to tarnish the reputation of the good old 'Wheel. His previous antics have included trying to take over the DJ's decks, charging people an entrance fee to the club and running around naked waving his bits at the customers. All rather amusing at first until it became obvious that we were dealing with someone with mental problems perhaps exaggerated by drink and drug infusion. Four of his Alt accounts have been banned already and an Abuse Report filed with Linden Labs. So if your down at the Wheel and someone asks for any money please's a free club and nobody gets charged. Tonight is DJ night with our regulars "The Baron" Ansome and Boone Blanco. Back to back Northern Soul and sixties Mod tracks...I can't wait . Let's just hope our angry visitor is locked in his padded room tonight :)

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Welcome to Life at The Twisted Wheel

The Twisted Wheel is a 1960's themed Night Club that exists in the virtual world of Second Life. It serves as a home and meeting place for fans of sixties "Mod" music and Northern Soul. There is a virtual Scooter shop and a small sixties themed clothing boutique in the vicinity. The club is always streaming some of the best and rarest Mod music or some classic Northern Soul tunes. Right now it's still in it's infancy but regular DJ's have now started to pull in the crowds and the 'Wheel is on it's way to becoming one of Second Life's finest "undiscovered" night spots. Those familiar with "night life" in Second Life may be in for a surprise. You will find no Strippers or Sploder devices at the 'Wheel, no camping chairs to increase traffic and certainly no sexual content of any nature. Upon entering the Twisted Wheel even on a busy night you won't be greeted by any automatic device thrusting Landmarks and Note Cards at you, nor will be there over enthusiastic hostess's screaming lines of text down your screen telling you just how great the place is. This is simply a place for those like minded people with a love for this very special classic music who like to come and dance to some groovin' tunes. You will find many people "dress the part" but this isn't compulsory as this isn't a role play sim despite the attention to detail applied to the build.
The Twisted Wheel was named a very famous night in the North of England which closed its doors in 1971 and sported some of the greatest acts in Sixties pop and Northern Soul in the country. I've since heard that the original club has now opened it's famous doors once again but I have yet to sample it's delights in "Real Life".
This blog is here to describe some of the incidents and events at the Twisted Wheel and to give you an insight in to just some of the amusing and entertaining events in the 1960's virtual world.